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Bath Casino domain website (Gambling site = EARN £ Commission / Sign Ups)

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  • Bath Casino domain website (Gambling site = EARN £ Commission / Sign Ups) £5000.0

  • Prime Top Level .com Domain Name for Sale www. Bath Casino Soon to be very popular when Bath opens its casino (so far at least a year over due!) ive owned this domain for 12 years :) its firmly mine to sell :) Every business needs a good domain name / web address A memorable - easy to remember domain name - (ideally 'wysiwyg'!) A domain name that says what you doA Professional Website address to match your portfolio Perfect for:A lead in commison generating website - ie £30 per new sign up is th ecurrent offering at whilst others offer a % ofr the new sign up's spending (seriosu income potential) This will be yours to OWN for life(subject to renewing your domain with the service provider each year - cost of around £7) This domain name is simple - its 'idiot proof!' and W.Y.S.I.W.Y.G (what you see is what you get) = www.Bath Casino LEGALI have owned this for over 12 years (its mine to sell) You will OWN the domain (this is not a lease or rental or a franchise!)The domain name will be transferred to you upon receipt of cleared funds you can if you wish also use a domain broker to handle the transfer (simple and quick so this service in my opinion is unnecessary) If you wish to use a broker you may select the 2nd postage option - at £60

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