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  • ------------------------------------------------------------The scanned images above are not the items for sale.The images are for illustrative purposes only.Please be aware that it is for the domain name only, not the images as illustrated. You are bidding on the exclusive domain name, not the stamp. ------------------------------------------------ THE 180th ANNIVERSARY OF THE 1d BLACK STAMP.6th May 2020 The Worlds first adhesive postage stamp. A ONCE IN A LIFETIME OFFER is being made available. THE most prestigious domain name for any serious stamp dealer, professional philatelistor indeed any serious long term investor. Impress your friends, colleagues or fellow philatelists..... could be your own unique email address, or even use your own name, or whatever name or wording you may wish as your email address.( Rowland Hill was the inventor of the 1d Black, the Worlds first adhesive postage stamp on the 6th May 1840 ). Create your own personal or business website with this unique succinct and memorable domain name,and be the envy of everyone! This domain name is now being made available for sale,when it is gone it cannot be repeated or indeed EVER duplicatedor used by anyone else, other than by you, the owner.It will be unique to you, the buyer. Take your first step to success in the 21st century by owning a piece of 19th century philatelic historymerged with modern millennium technology. A UNIQUE ONE OFF ITEMWhen its gone its gone!!! The scanned images above are not the items for sale.The images are for illustrative purposes only. >-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Brief History:- The 1d Black stamp was first registered on 6th May 1840,Number issued 6,701,760. The 1d Black was the worlds first prepaid adhesive postage stamp.It was issued on 6th May 1840 early in the reign of Queen Victoriaher portrait was used on the stamp as it would be most recognisable by the public. The postal rate of one penny meant that a letter not exceeding half an ounce in weightcould be sent to any part of the United Kingdom.Prior to the uniform penny postage the postage depended on the distance travelledand the number of sheets. The line engraved printing method was used in which the ink was in grooves on a plateand pressure was used to force the ink onto the paper.The printing was carried out by Perkins Bacon and Petch.The stamps were printed in sheets of 240 ( 20x12 ) and the stamps had corner letterscorresponding to its position on the plate.There were 240 pence to the pound and 20 shillings to the pound,so a sheet of stamps would cost £1, half a sheet ten shillings, one row cost a shilling. Four different alphabets were used in the course of time to form the corner letters.The stamps were initially not perforated, but had to be cut with scissors,perforations were introduced in 1854.Each stamp had its own 'small crown' watermark. Due to wear eleven different plates were used to print the 1d Black.Initially the stamps cancellation was in red, then changed to black. In 1841 some of the same plates would be used to print the 1d Red,the colour was changed so that the black cancellation would be more clearly seen. Transfer fee included in the domain name price.Transfer of ownership will be initiated within 48 hours of cleared payment. GOOD LUCK. Track Page Views With Auctiva's FREE Counter

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