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Earn an income from your domain names and websites

If your looking to monetise your domain names which I highly suggest you do. Then a good source of income is through affiliate links. Affiliate programs pay you a commision for sales generated from a link from your own website. Although the percentage offered may seem low with the amount of customers who purchase online it's relatively easy to make a substantial living through affiliate programs.

I myself have used affiliate programs since their first incarnation, way back in the days when there was only a handful available. Of course now every business with an online presence offers some form of affiliate partnership. True to say it's harder these days to earn hundreds of thousands but not through lack of affiliate partners more so due to so many already involved in affiliate marketing. But, back in the day I was myself one of eBay's top affiliate... so if I can do it you can as well :)

Domain Parking?

Domain Parking ie through the likes of Sedo etc is a waste of time. Parking companies just offer your visitors affiliate links, collect the lions share of the commisions earned and pay you a penance. Parking is for lazy domaineers who either don't want a good regular monthly income or are just inept.

Life is much simplier these days as you have affiliate networks, which is basically one company that offers you a choice of lots of affiliate programs and offers you an easy way to manage them within a single site. Rather then having to use multiple websites. One such network I would recommend is Affiliate Window. For more information please view their website below.

Affiliate Window

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